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‘s Werelds eerste alarmzender met wetenschappelijk gevalideerde valdetectie

In collaboration with Maastricht Instruments, Mopas Monitoring Systems introduces a medically validated fall detection algorithm. This unique algorithm is exclusively available in the Mopas alarm transmitter. In combination with accurate positioning, people who have fallen or become unconscious can be located anywhere and anytime directly for rapid assistance. The alarm transmitter is suitable for example for residents of a care centre, for elderly people with dementia, but also for employees who are in dangerous situations and single workers.

Fall detection

Mopas is the only company with a medically validated fall detection system that automatically sends an alarm notification when the user has fallen and no longer moves. The fall detection system has been developed and tested with great precision in collaboration with Maastricht Instruments. The 
partners has spent more than € 400,000 on development for 18 months; supported by an innovation grant from LIOF/LimburgMakers. Mopas and Maastricht Instruments intend to develop the fall detection system to predictive fall behaviour or fall prevention monitoring. 

Smart alerting

Mopas fall detection uses a unique combination of four different detection techniques. This unique combination is linked to an intelligent method for alarm handling. This considerably reduces the chance of a false alarm. 

Maastricht Instruments

Maastricht Instruments is a high-tech company that originated from Maastricht University. It realises innovative and market-oriented solutions for the medical and life sciences environment, based on developments at the Maastricht UMC+.   

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