We protect people

Safety is our basis. Efficiency the result.


Demand for care is increasing and becoming more individual and complex, while budgets are under pressure. Hertek offers unique care solutions, such as living circles and supervisory home automation, in which we work together with you on experience-oriented care.

More than 20 years of experience with care processes and many successful home automation implementations prove that Hertek has achieved an enormous improvement in quality and efficiency at care organisations. Healthcare and safety are in the DNA of our employees and that benefits your clients and employees.

Custom and human work

Care provision is and remains people work and customization. Hertek advises and implements, with all its expertise, customer-oriented care technology and domotics. Because Hertek is based on your care processes, target groups and building(s), you are guaranteed to find the most suitable solution at Hertek to improve and simplify your care provision. Only then will technology ensure maximum support for your clients, employees and processes.

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