We protect people

Safety is our basis. Efficiency the result.


Mopas allows you to move freely wherever you want. On the bike, in the shop, on a trip or just at home.

Living safely with Mopas

When you press the alarm button, emergency response workers can see where you are immediately and you can talk to them using our handy emergency transponder. Your location is only visible after pressing the alarm button. You can be reached 24/7 worldwide and receive a free app for family members, informal carers and/or an emergency centre.

Security in your home starts at the front door, which is why Mopas transponders can be wirelessly linked with electric door locks, which allow you or your carers or loved ones to open doors. In the house you can place manually operated or automatic alarm detectors in several places if you wish. Special alarm buttons are available for the bathroom, kitchen, toilet and living room. The transponders are also available with a comfortable push button on the wrist or neck. An automatic welfare notification to your carers or loved ones is also possible.

Care equipment can be connected online with our system, so that your situation can be monitored remotely by care providers.

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