<span>Kompy Care</span>, my companion at pocket size

Kompy Care is a GPS alarm system for the elderly with smart geo-fence walking zones.
By wearing it around the neck, it is comfortable to take with you on your walk. If you are in an emergency, your caregivers will be notified immediately.

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The characteristics of the Kompy Care are:

  • to wear the alarm device as a pendant
  • completely IP67 waterproof
  • clear display with watch function
  • display indication battery level
  • charging with magnetic charging cable
  • 60 x 45 x 13 mm and only 43 grams
  • discreet black SOS alarm button
  • good speaking / listening connection
  • can also be attached to clothing with tag

The Kompy Care is an easy to handle and portable alarm device for vulnerable people who still want to go outside safely and freely. With the Kompy Care in your pocket you have everything under control.

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