<span>Kompy Pro</span>

The Kompy Pro was developed in 2016 and is characterized by its deployability as a fully wireless nursing group system. The Kompy Pro can communicate alarms via GSM and WiFi, which makes it unique in the market as a fully Dutch product.

Kompy Pro | Safety Tracer | 868Mhz sensors


The features of the Kompy Pro are:

  • "Portable" solution via GSM and Wifi
  • multi roaming e-SIM available
  • wireless peripherals via 868 Mhz
  • very good GPS and WiFi positioning
  • own developed alarm protocol
  • validated fall detection
  • available charging station with beacon technology
  • completely Dutch product

Linking multiple sensors to the Kompy Pro makes it possible to receive very customer-specific information. The source of the alarm is passed on to the care provider, such as out of bed alarm, toilet alarm, wrist alarm and out of the room alarm.

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