Our partner Curatech

Together with Curatech, we have implemented further integration to further integrate the CT2, our alias Kompy Home, into our platform.

Kompy Home further integrated.

The Kompy Home works completely autonomously on a multi-roaming SIM card. This means that there is always a connection with the alarm platform, even if the mains voltage and / or internet is lost at home.
Peace of mind of always feeling safe.

Curatech B.V. has been active as a manufacturer of personal alarms since 2003. Our devices are used in home care, residential complexes, institutions and hospitals and in private homes. We are active in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Curatech develops and produces its products in-house. We work together with experienced product developers, so that we can respond quickly and flexibly to market demands. Our many years of experience in this industry enables us to develop what is really needed.

sensors for the Kompy Home