Wij beschermen mensen

Veiligheid is onze basis. Efficiency het resultaat.

Een Europees traject met Nederlandse, Oostenrijkse en Zwitserse partners waarin nieuwe positietechnologie ontwikkeld wordt om mensen met dementie beter buiten te kunnen begeleiden.

AAL Project FreeWalker officially started: Supporting persons with Dementia

Vienna, April 2018

The FreeWalker kick-off meeting took place in Vienna in April 2018. All partners were present and welcomed by Martin Litzenberger from AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, who will be coordinating the project.

FreeWalker will integrate several proven components of AAL assistive devices and technologies. A flexible and versatile solution for guiding and monitoring elderly or persons with cognitive impairments in the outdoor environment will be realized. A focus will be on supporting caregivers by providing emergency information in order to recover disoriented persons safely. The primary target groups in FreeWalker are persons with cognitive impairment, living at home or in an institutional care setting, as well as their (in)formal carers. The aim is to promote persons with cognitive impairment to stay active and physically healthy by reducing the fear of going out.

The FreeWalker System will use GPS localization and take into account the information of the daily schedule and habits of a person to understand where the person is going. If there are indications for getting lost or becoming disoriented, different counter measures and support will be initiated.  FreeWalker will integrate market-ready components of MOPAS (localization), HappyWalker (navigation) and CareCenter Software (emergency database). Results from the currently running AAL project DayGuide (a guide through tasks of daily live) will be integrated .

FreeWalker will be tested with over 150 people in Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

The consortium consists of the following partners:

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria (Coordinator)

CareCenter Software GmbH, Austria

Kepler Universitätsklinikum GmbH, Austria

MAS Alzheimerhilfe, Austria

Ivengi.com, Netherlands

Tante Louise, Netherlands

Vilans, Netherlands

CREAGY AG, Switzerland

terzStiftung, Switzerland

The project will run until March 2021. Information regarding the project will be available soon on www.freewalker.eu or directly through Project Coordinator Martin Litzenberger, martin.litzenberger@ait.ac.at .

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