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Safety is our basis. Efficiency the result.


SafetyTracer offers you a number of products that, depending on the desired solution, can be used to achieve your goals. All these products communicate to the T3 certified cloud platform with ISO27001 and NEN7510 SafetyTracer standards with an availability rate of 99.98%.

For this we use multiple internet providers in the Netherlands and Germany and a dedicated IPVPN connection from Maastricht to T-Mobile Austria. Everything for your protection and security.

All products offered communicate to the SafetyTracer cloud and from there, whether or not in parallel, emergency services providers are alerted via special SafetyTracer apps, via the SafetyTracer desktop and if desired via several private emergency centres.


With the introduction of the Mopas-Lite we are going to offer a much sought-after solution for protecting people with a smaller and more convenient device that can be worn around the neck and on the wrist.
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Mopas-BT professional

The Mopas-BT system is intended for the professional protection of vulnerable people in society. These can be people who more often have to work alone, but also for vulnerable people, who increasingly live alone and are harassed.
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MobiWatch ST16

The MobiWatch ST16 is a neat and neat watch and in terms of size suitable for ladies' and men's wrists.
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With the Mopas-CT you have a comfortable, easy to operate and wall-mount alarm unit.
In combination with numerous wireless sensors in and outside the home, you can easily secure the security and comfort of older and/or vulnerable fellow people in one alarm platform.
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Mobi-Larm app

The MobiLarm app comes with an alarm license to serve as an alarm app for people who feel unsafe but do not want to wear a striking device. They can then integrate the alarm function on their existing smartphone, whether or not in combination with the bluetooth wrist/hand transmitter.
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Mobi-Alert is a very comfortable to wear bluetooth alarm pusher, which can be used together with a smartphone and active MobiLarm app.

It fits both on the wrist and around the neck or on the belt with the included accessories.
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