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Mobi-Alert is a comfortable to wear bluetooth alarm pusher, which can be used together with a smartphone and active MobiLarm app.

It fits both on the wrist and neck, but also on the belt with the standard accessories included. 

With the help of a red and green light signal, the functionality of the alarm button can be checked.

The Mobi-Alert also gives an alarm when you go out of range of the smartphone on both the alarm button and the smartphone.

The Mobi-Alarm is 30 minutes waterproof to a depth of 1 meter and has an adjustable fall detector. The battery is monitored and you have to hold the pusher for an adjustable time of 2 to 8 seconds before the alarm is sent out. This prevents accidental pressing.

The specifications of the Mobi-Alarm are as follows:

- 32 mm round and 10 mm thick, weight 8 grams

- replaceable battery CR2032, 1 year lifetime under normal use

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