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Mobi-Larm smartphone alarmapp

The MobiLarm app comes with a user license to serve as a personal alarm app for people who feel unsafe but do not want to wear a device that stands out. They can then integrate the alarm on their existing smartphone whether or not in combination with the Bluetooth wrist/hand transmitter.

The MobiLarm is suitable for both iOS and Android smartphones and works completely native directly in the core of your smartphone.

The MobiLarm app is combined with one or more free responder apps which can be made available to emergency and informal carers for the follow-up of alarms from the SafetyTracer alarm platform. In the event of an alarm, all affiliated care providers receive the alarm simultaneously and the first person to accept it is presented with the alarm for processing. This in combination with a location indicator that continuously updates itself in case of an alarm. The alarm can also be offered at a control room.

If the MobiLarm app is used to protect people, it is very wise to combine this app with the CQ-remote bluetooth wrist/neck transmitter. With this button you can automatically unlock the alarm app in case of an emergency without having to take the smartphone in your hand. You probably won't get that chance. Wearing an alarm button around the neck under the clothing or on the wrist is the most accurate.

The app can, if desired, also be operated via a special alarm button on the smartphone, provided it is present on the device. Especially for the elderly we also have the Amplicomms PowerTel M9500 available with a special touch interface for the elderly, a separate alarm button, an extra button for the flashlight and a larger speaker for hands-free functionality. This unit also has the image calling function.


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