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With the MOPAS-CT you have a comfortable, easy to operate and wall-mount alarm unit. In combination with numerous wireless sensors inside and outside the home, you can easily secure the security and comfort of older and/or vulnerable people in one alarm platform. The MOPAS-CT can be combined with a MOPAS-BT for security outside the home.

With a simple push on the alarm button, the client can report to the control room, care provider or informal carer and the emergency services can be immediately alerted. The MOPAS-CT can alert to a health care database or directly to a carer or care provider via an app on a smartphone.

The MOPAS-CT also has the ability to enable activity control. The device monitors the well-being of the user: periodically the client must press the yellow button or, for example, a sensor on the toilet door must be seen. In case of absence, the green button can be used to temporarily deactivate the welfare check.

Via the on and absence button, the care can register if they are present in the room: "care worker arrived" and "care worker left" if help has been provided and they leave the room.


The MOPAS-CT works via a monitored GSM connection to the alarm platform with a backup capability via IP or an analogue telephone line. Every half hour the functionalities are automatically tested.

  • Equipped with a sensitive etchingi and 300 220-3 class 1 receiver
  • Integrated mobile phone functionality
  • Alarm center protocols optimized for voip
  • Easily log on 32 sensors or handheld transmitters
  • Automatic monitoring of registered transmitters
  • Automatic protocol recognition
  • Hands-free speech/listening connection between user and alarm centre/mantle caretaker
  • Automatic periodic test report (control report)
  • Activity control with off/existing button
  • Mains voltage monitoring
  • Connection for two additional alarm inputs and one output for home automation coupling
  • Dimensions (l x w x h):180x180x37mm
  • Programming of options and firmware update via usb
  • Alerting to app and/or report bank

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