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Mopas Lite

Mopas-Lite is a device that meets many demands of users in the market:

small (41x43x14 mm),
light weight (25 gr),
easy to wear around the wrist or neck with a carrying cord
This device meets these requirements and features accurate and fast outdoor positioning.

The speech/listening connection for alarm verification is very good, making clear communication possible in the event of an alarm.

In combination with our portal you are very flexible in setting up multiple geo-zones per individual outdoor. Indoors, the geo-zone is linked to the SSID of the wifi network, also called wifi-fencing.

Charging the device is done via a micro USB cable and power adapter that is included. Optionally, a magnetic micro USB cable is available, which makes it much easier for the elderly to hang the device from the charger every evening.

We supply this device including SIM card and data connection on our platform, so you can also find the historical route and data there.


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