Living safely

We protect people

Safety is our basis. Efficiency the result.

Safely living

SafetyTracer ensures that you can move freely wherever you want. On the bike, in the shop, on the road or just at home, you will always feel safe and help will be provided quickly in case of an emergency. Without high costs. Protection, safety, help and comfort at the touch of a button.

By pressing the alarm button, rescuers can instantly see where you are and speak to them using our convenient Mopas BT emergency transponder. Your location is only visible at the press of an alarm button. You can be reached 24/7 worldwide and receive a free app for family members and carers. A link to an alarm centre is also possible...

Protection in your home starts at the front door, so Mopas BT transmitters can be wirelessly coupled with electric door locks, allowing doors to be opened by yourself or by carers or loved ones. In the house you can place manually operated or automatic alarm detectors in several places if you wish. Special alarm buttons are available for the bathroom, kitchen, toilet and living room. The transponders are also available with a comfortable push button on the wrist or neck. An automatic welfare notification to your carers or loved ones is also possible.

Care equipment can be connected online with our system, so that your situation can be monitored remotely by care providers.

Veilig leven

Reliable alarm

We use a GSM/GPRS module in the 2G and 3G band to localize outdoor and WiFi indoor communications and to send your emergency call. And if this is not possible, we will alert you by SMS message.


Indoor and outdoor positioning

By determining your position and time every 5 minutes on GPS and WiFi, you can always be found indoors and outdoors in case of an emergency. And we save this for you for 7 days, so you can recognize patterns in case of dementia.

868 Mhz / WiFi bakens

868 Mhz / WiFi beacons

GPS positioning only works in the open air via satellites. For positioning in buildings and underground, we therefore use low-frequency 868 MHz beacons and the addresses of WiFi stations.


Fall detection and no-movement signalling

SafetyTracer has a unique European medical scientifically validated fall detection algorithm in the Mopas-BT. Especially no false reports and immediate help even if you become unconscious.


Alarm verification

In the event of an incoming alarm, it is very valuable for the rescuer to be able to verify the alarm immediately. Direct contact is possible via a clear speech/listening connection. This gives both parties peace of mind.

Bewegingsgebied inrichten / geofence

Setting up a movement area / geofence

Each user can set up several virtual zones (geofence). An alarm is given when entering and/or leaving the area. A scenario can be: every minute position control and still 15 hours standby without loading.


Controlled access

Our system provides controlled access to your property via a special interface. For this purpose, the Mopas-BT is equipped with a square push button that controls the door lock.

Fall detection with automatic alarm

In 2015, 3267 elderly people died within 1 month after a fall. This is 35% more than in 2010 according to the CBS. Falling causes a lot of suffering and it appears that this is a mix of falling indoors, outdoors and especially being found too late. The expertise centre VeiligheidNL even expects a sharp increase in the number of deaths in the coming years. A fall causes the quality of life to deteriorate, often forever the message from doctors, but the risk is still not recognised.

SafetyTracer is the first in the world to offer a validated fall detection system that automatically sends an alarm after a fatal fall followed by unconsciousness. In all other false situations, you can press the alarm button directly yourself and emergency and/or informal carers are immediately alerted. Your exact position will be passed on. This limits the health damage because you can be on the spot within minutes and no hours or days are lost.

Vital home with lifestyle monitoring

A new trend in the field of longer independent living at home is periodic monitoring of the well-being of elderly people at a distance. With lifestyle /day rhythm monitoring, elderly people can live at home independently for longer in a controlled manner and keep control of their lives. This also applies to people with, for example, diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, bad balance, epilepsy or brain disorders.

With smart sensors we determine the daily rhythm of a client; going to bed, getting up, shopping, going to the toilet, walking etc. As soon as we see an abnormality in the pattern, we report it to the family or carers. For example: green> she is out of bed, orange> she has been to the toilet four times last night instead of twice, red> she has not been out of home for two days.

For daily rhythm monitoring SafetyTracer uses its own client data and its own wireless sensors, but certainly also the home automation system of digitalSTROM from Switzerland. DigitalSTROM can combine all electrical devices, lighting and switches in the house via the existing power lines into an intelligent home automation system. No walls need to be broken off or cables need to be drawn for installation.

Thus, the lifestyle / daily rhythm monitoring software of SafetyTracer provides protection, safety, peace and comfort. This can be supplemented with energy-saving digital home automation applications if desired.

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