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We protect people

Safety is our basis. Efficiency the result.

Secure housing

Comfort and security in your home starts at the front door, which is why the Mopas-BT can be wirelessly coupled with electric door locks to open the front door for you, your loved ones or carers.

In the house, you can install manually operated or automatic alarm detectors in several places if you wish. Special alarm buttons are available for the bathroom, kitchen, toilet and living room. You can also connect smoke detectors to the Mopas-BT.

The Mopas-BT can also be paired with a comfortable wireless push button on the wrist or neck.

An automatic welfare notification to your carers or relatives is possible as soon as the Mopas-BT is removed from the charger or the toilet door opens and closes if a sensor is placed there.

This gives carers and carers peace and comfort.

Veilig wonen

Reliable alarm

We use a GSM/GPRS module in the 2G and 3G band to localize outdoor and WiFi indoor communications and to send your emergency call. And if this is not possible, we will alert you by SMS message.


Indoor and outdoor positioning

By determining your position and time every 5 minutes on GPS and WiFi, you can always be found indoors and outdoors in case of an emergency. And we save this for you for 7 days, so you can recognize patterns in case of dementia.

868 Mhz / WiFi bakens

868 Mhz / WiFi beacons

GPS positioning only works in the open air via satellites. For positioning in buildings and underground, we therefore use low-frequency 868 MHz beacons and the addresses of WiFi stations.


Fall detection and no-movement signalling

SafetyTracer has a unique European medical scientifically validated fall detection algorithm in the Mopas-BT. Especially no false reports and immediate help even if you become unconscious.


Alarm verification

In the event of an incoming alarm, it is very valuable for the rescuer to be able to verify the alarm immediately. Direct contact is possible via a clear speech/listening connection. This gives both parties peace of mind.

Bewegingsgebied inrichten / geofence

Setting up a movement area / geofence

Each user can set up several virtual zones (geofence). An alarm is given when entering and/or leaving the area. A scenario can be: every minute position control and still 15 hours standby without loading.


Controlled access

Our system provides controlled access to your property via a special interface. For this purpose, the Mopas-BT is equipped with a square push button that controls the door lock.

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