Safe at home

We continue to live independently at home for longer. It is nice to grow old in your own home and familiar neighbourhood. That goes well, with a little help from a family member or the home care provider every now and then.

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safe at home

On the other hand, the risks increase, especially when you are alone. A concern for you, but also for the people around you. SafetyTracer helps you to live your life the way you want, with the assurance that help will come when needed.

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Detectors in the house

Our solutions for safe living consist of manually operated or automatic alarm dialers in the home. Depending on someone's capabilities and wishes, functions and devices can be added. There are special alarm buttons for each room that, for example, automatically report when a door is opened or closed.

Links with personal alarms

You can expand the detectors in the house with a discreet emergency button on the wrist or neck, possibly with fall detection and location determination. Do you ever forget to turn off the gas? Or to take your medicines on time? It is even possible to link smoke detectors, home automation and e-health applications.

A peace of mind.

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