Safe walking

Walking is very good for our health. But due to increasing disabilities, the enthusiasm to walk alone is decreasing more and more. Being alone outdoors is no longer a natural thing. Giving back a safe feeling is our goal.

Going safe outsite| every where you want| take a Kompy Care with you for safety

Safe on the move

Quality of life is largely related to the freedom to come and go where you want. Especially when you get older. How nice is it to get out and about? Doing an errand, posting a letter or just getting some fresh air? A walk is not only healthy and relaxing, but also stimulates our brain.

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Personal alarm

Our solutions for safe living allow people to move freely and at the same time feel safe. With a personal alarm device, you are in contact with family members or caregivers at the touch of a button. They immediately see where you are and can come to the rescue. Healthcare equipment can be connected to our system online, allowing healthcare providers to monitor your wellbeing remotely.

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