Safe working

People who work alone can face risks such as aggression or personal accidents. SafetyTracer offers employers solutions for ensuring the safety of their employees. In the office, in construction, in the workplace.

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Safe working

24/7 reliable protection

Prevent personal suffering, improve the results of your organization and limit the risk of reputation damage.

Safetytracer systems offer 24/7 reliable protection, safety, peace and comfort for the employee and his loved ones worldwide. Our products guarantee the safety and deployability of (company) emergency responders, employees and lone workers in maintenance, cleaning, construction, office or laboratory and production environments.

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How it works

Your employees or emergency services are equipped with an app or Kompy that is linked to our alarm follow-up system in the cloud. In an emergency, the position where they are is automatically transmitted via GPS. This allows people or their vehicles to be located and assistance can be provided. Fast and adequate.