Work safely

We protect people

Safety is our basis. Efficiency the result.

Work safely

We protect your people, that's what SafetyTracer stands for. Also choose full-service company safety with SafetyTracer systems that provide reliable protection, safety, rest and comfort for you and your employee's loved ones 24/7. Prevent personal suffering, improve the results of your organization and reduce the risk of reputation damage.

SafetyTracer provides valuable management information about the safety and deployability of (company) emergency workers, employees and single workers in maintenance, assistance, cleaning, construction, in the office, in laboratory and production environments. In case of emergency, help is provided quickly and efficiently.

No unnecessary down-time as a result of untraceability and less anxiety among management, employees and their families. Absenteeism due to illness decreases. This allows you to meet the TAPA requirements.

Your employees or emergency services are equipped with an app or Mopas BT transponder that is linked to our alarm response system in the cloud. GPS signals from their position are automatically transmitted to the system. Based on this data, the people and/or their vehicles can be located and positioned. Within buildings and underground we do this using WiFi and/or 868MHz beacons.

Veilig werken

Reliable alarm

We use a GSM/GPRS module in the 2G and 3G band to localize outdoor and WiFi indoor communications and to send your emergency call. And if this is not possible, we will alert you by SMS message.


Indoor and outdoor positioning

By determining your position and time every 5 minutes on GPS and WiFi, you can always be found indoors and outdoors in case of an emergency. And we save this for you for 7 days, so you can recognize patterns in case of dementia.

868 Mhz / WiFi bakens

868 Mhz / WiFi beacons

GPS positioning only works in the open air via satellites. For positioning in buildings and underground, we therefore use low-frequency 868 MHz beacons and the addresses of WiFi stations.


Fall detection and no-movement signalling

SafetyTracer has a unique European medical scientifically validated fall detection algorithm in the Mopas-BT. Especially no false reports and immediate help even if you become unconscious.


Alarm verification

In the event of an incoming alarm, it is very valuable for the rescuer to be able to verify the alarm immediately. Direct contact is possible via a clear speech/listening connection. This gives both parties peace of mind.

Bewegingsgebied inrichten / geofence

Setting up a movement area / geofence

Each user can set up several virtual zones (geofence). An alarm is given when entering and/or leaving the area. A scenario can be: every minute position control and still 15 hours standby without loading.


Controlled access

Our system provides controlled access to your property via a special interface. For this purpose, the Mopas-BT is equipped with a square push button that controls the door lock.

Unique drop detection

A working alone can end up in a situation of need and can no longer be able to call on the help of others. If, for example, an employee has become unwell as a result of exposure to hazardous substances, the consequences of exposure are considerably greater than necessary because the assistance is provided too late.

SafetyTracer, in collaboration with Maastricht Instruments, has introduced a medically validated fall detection algorithm. This unique algorithm is exclusively available in the Mopas BT alarm transmitter. In combination with accurate positioning, people who have fallen or become unconscious can be located anywhere and anytime directly for rapid assistance. 

The Mopas-BT uses a combination of G-force, tilt detection and non-movement sensors. The Mopas-BT is worn on the chest or around the waist and continuously measures the movement of the wearer. After detection of a fall, the algorithm analyses the current situation for 1-3 minutes and then sends a message to the Cloud Monitoring System. We then send a 15 second pre-alarm to the Mopas-BT wearer, who then has the opportunity to cancel the alarm. If this does not happen, the emergency services will be alerted. With this method, false alarms are reduced to almost zero.

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