About us

Improving people's quality of life with the help of technology, that is SafetyTracer's mission.
We focus on vulnerable people who want to feel (more) safe.

smart geozone

With our solutions we support healthcare professionals and informal carers in providing the best care.

Personal alarms are tailor-made The individual is central to the development of our solutions. His wishes, his possibilities, his freedom. Personal alarms are tailor-made. For this reason, SafetyTracer works with selected partners for the sale and integration of our systems.

Collaboration with healthcare

SafetyTracer is a subsidiary of Ivengi.com, an internet company with over thirty years of experience building cloud data platforms. We have a broad knowledge of GPS track & trace systems and the visualization of data flows for end users. User-friendliness and guaranteeing privacy are important pillars here. The SafetyTracer products and solutions have been developed in close collaboration with the healthcare market.

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