<span>Kompy App</span>

The Kompy App is a free app intended for social workers and carers. They receive the alarms on this and can then set up a speaking / listening connection with the client. An option is to also use this app for personal alarm.

Kompy App | SafetyTracer


The features of the Kompy App are:

  • mobile smartphone app for emergency responders
  • shows alarms and (updated) positions
  • application suitable for iOS and Android
  • can also be used as a personal alarm device
  • internal Wifi positioning for Android
  • suitable for, among other smartphones:
    • Ascom Myco3
    • Spectralink Versity
    • Samsung Xcover Pro

The Kompy App can be used to receive alarms, but can also be used with an additional subscription to create an alarm yourself. As a receiver of alarms you can accept the alarm, see the location of those who created the alarm and establish a speaking / listening connection. You will also automatically receive position updates during the alarm phase.

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