<span>Kompy App</span>

The Kompy App is a free app intended for carers and informal carers. They receive the alarms on it and can then establish a voice/audible connection with the person requiring help. An option is to use this app for personal alarms as well.

Kompy App | SafetyTracer


  • Mobile smartphone app for rescue workers
  • Displays alarms and (updated) positions
  • Application suitable for Android
  • Can also be used as a personal alarm device
  • Internal wifi positioning for Android
  • Suitable for Ascom Myco3, Spectralink Versity and Samsung Xcover Pro, among others

The Kompy App can be used to receive alarms, but can also be used with an extra subscription to make your own alarms. As a receiver of alarms, you can accept the alarm, see the location of the person who made the alarm, and establish a speech / listen connection. You will also receive automatic position updates during the alarm phase.

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