Kompy Nano

The Kompy Nano is an alarm device that can be worn on the wrist or around the neck with bluetooth indoor positioning in combination with GPS outdoor positioning. Great for external living circles GPS. Alarms with speak / listening connection.

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Kompy Nano

The features of the Kompy Nano are:

  • very suitable for Bluetooth indoor positioning
  • also WiFi indoor positioning available
  • excellent outdoor GPS positioning
  • with BLE advertising mode per 500 msec
  • alarm device to wear as pendant and watch
  • fully IP66 waterproof version
  • magnetic charging cable and embedded SIM
  • 41 mm diameter x 16 mm thick and only 23 grams
  • good speaking / listening connection
  • MLPC algorithm for energy utilization improvement
  • accuracy <10 m (open air)

The Kompy Nano is a particularly intelligent alarm device that can be worn comfortably around the wrist as well as around the neck. The device positions indoors via beacons and outdoors via GPS. This Kompy Nano also has an excellent speaking / listening connection if there is an alarm.

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