<span>Kompy Pico 4G</span>

The Kompy Pico 4G is our newest alarm device. A well-known housing with a completely newly developed and patented Swedish electronics design on the inside. This device can have an intelligent charging station with home beacon and alarm button.

Kompy Pico 4G|SafetyTracer|alarmbutton


The features of the Kompy Pico 4G are:

- alarm device can be worn as a pendant or in a carrying case on a belt

- fully IP65 waterproof

- well-known housing with new Swedish electronics design

- battery low alarm charging with magnetic charging cable, optional charging station

- 60 x 41 x 16 mm and only 35 grams

- fall alarm function available

- good speaking/listening connection

- 900 mAh Li-ion battery with adjustable position updates

- eSIM -GSM 4G device u-Blox 7, AGPS support (Swiss made)

The Kompy Pico 4G  is an easily manageable and portable alarm device for vulnerable people, who still want to go outside safely and freely. With the Kompy Pico 4G  in your pocket you have everything under control.

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Intelligent charger base Kompy Pico 4G

In addition to the charging function, the intelligent Kompy Pico 4G charging station also contains:

- a Bluetooth home beacon function

- large speaker for an excellent speaking/listening connection

- an extra alarm button in case the device is in another room or on the table, but is within Bluetooth range

 - a light ring to easily find the alarm device in the dark, for example

charger base Pico 4G