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Freewalker makes life circles dynamic. Now at the Zorg-en-ICT fair on 12, 13 and 14 March 2019.

The goal of FreeWalker is to come to a single security solution that allows people with dementia to live independently for a longer period of time and to be able to look out guarded.

As a first step we have now created a Dynamic Safe Zone and a Dynamic Amber Zone that can be set per user. So every user has his own living circle inside and outside buildings with a 'green' status to mark the safe zone and an 'orange' status with a pre-alarm when staying in that zone. If you leave the "orange" zone, a "red" alarm with an alarm tone will follow on the app of the emergency services provider. 

In phase 2 of the project, this setting of the circle is made dynamic and adjusted per week to the current behaviour of the individual user per day of the week.

In phase 3 we will add dynamic living circles that are related to the user's agenda and thus guide him to appointments outside his own living circle in a controlled way.

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Innovative solutions for personal alarms

SafetyTracer has set itself the goal of protecting vulnerable people in our society. Vulnerability in older people is increased by the fear of falling.  With continuous monitoring indoors and outdoors, we offer protection and therefore peace and comfort in combination with the unique medically validated fall detection algorithm.

For employees who only have to do their work and are increasingly on the move in the evening and night hours, SafetyTracer provides a personal portable security system. This system continuously monitors you inside and outside the buildings, 24 hours a day throughout Western Europe. This also gives peace and confidence to your loved ones.

Mopas-BT, the only track&trace device in the Netherlands that records the position every 20 seconds.

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