SafetyTracer, oplossingen voor persoonlijk veilig leven, wonen en werken
SafetyTracer, oplossingen voor persoonlijk veilig leven, wonen en werken
SafetyTracer, oplossingen voor persoonlijk veilig leven, wonen en werken
SafetyTracer, oplossingen voor persoonlijk veilig leven, wonen en werken
SafetyTracer, oplossingen voor persoonlijk veilig leven, wonen en werken


Here you can find an overview of the most frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us if your question is not answered here.


Does the caregiver need to have an Internet connection to receive an alert?

The Safetytracer app needs an internet connection to receive (alarm) messages. If your emergency services provider does not have an internet connection, he or she will only receive the alarm notification once an internet connection is available again.

Nowadays, many people have a continuous internet connection abroad. If this is not the case, you can easily invite a new care worker by logging into the 'Mopas portal'.

What if I have accidentally cancelled my alarm, but I still need to set the alarm?

It is not a problem if you cancel the alarm by mistake. The only thing you have to do is hold the alarm button again for 3 seconds.

Can the Safetytracer equipment also communicate with a healthcare alarm centre?

Yes, this is possible. Safetytracer is a signalling system and can communicate with health care alarm centres through an available API interface.

What happens when no one answers an alarm?

If after 5 minutes the alarm has not been claimed by anyone or has been refused by every rescuer, the alarm will go off again for all rescuers.

What if I activate the alarm by mistake?

To activate the alarm, you must hold down the alarm button for 3 seconds. When you activate the alarm, an alarm signal will be heard and your equipment will start flashing red. Then you always have a few seconds to deactivate the alarm. No problem. Deactivation is done by pressing the shut-off button.

With the alarm app, you can deactivate the alarm immediately by pressing the alarm button on the screen until you see the message that the alarm is cancelled.

What happens if I raise the alarm?

As soon as you raise the alarm, the SafetyTracer equipment immediately notifies your caregiver(s) by sending a message to their phone. The equipment will send them your location so that they know exactly where you are. The rescue worker is asked to respond to the notification. The first care worker to accept the notification creates a direct call connection. Just like making a phone call, but with the push of a button. If your caregivers don't answer immediately, the alert keeps repeating every 5 minutes to all caregivers. As long as the alarm is not dealt with, no new alarm can be created by the user.

The Safetytracer app for your rescue workers

On which phones can I use the Safetytracer app?

For the iPhone, a Mopas app is available that works from iPhone 4 and onwards with the operating system iOS 7.1 or higher. The app can be downloaded from the app store.

For Android devices, a Kompy app is available that works on Android phones with Android version 9 and higher. The Kompy Android app is available for download in the Google Play Store.

Do my caregivers need a smartphone to be notified in the event of an alarm?

To report an alarm, the emergency worker needs a smartphone. If your SafetyTracer equipment is connected to the emergency services provider's smartphone, he or she will receive a notification (visual and audio) via the app, and your emergency services provider will immediately see on a map where you are located.


Can I also connect the Safetytracer equipment to other peripherals?

Because Safetytracer communicates with the peripherals on a separate frequency, you can only connect Safetytracer equipment to the peripherals that Safetytracer offers.

How does the peripheral equipment work?

The peripherals can be purchased in combination with the Safetytracer alarm transmitter. You can connect the peripherals via the Mopas portal. The manual for this can be found on the website. It describes step-by-step how to connect the peripherals to your Safetytracer alarm transmitter.

It is not possible to connect peripherals with the alarm app with pusher.How does the peripheral work?

My Safetytracer Portal

How can I add service providers?

These can also be added via the Mopas portal. We refer you once again to the Safetytracer site:

The manual can be found on this site.

Can my caregivers always see where I am?

No, your emergency services will only be informed of your exact location if you raise the alarm. Do you want your emergency services to be able to see your location at all times? The Safetytracer app does offer the option of requesting your last seen location.

How can I make use of the movement area?

The creation of a movement area, also called geo-fence, is also done in the Mopas portal. As with the creation/change of emergency service providers, this can be found in the bar on the left-hand side. A step-by-step guide to this can also be found on the Safetytracer site:

It is important that the geo-fence that has been created is actually connected and thus activated.

Prices and subscriptions

What conditions apply?

These can be found on the site: At the bottom of the page you will see the heading 'general terms and conditions'.

No, the Safetytracer app and its use are completely free.

No, the Safetytracer app and its use are completely free.

Are there any additional costs if I sound the alarm abroad?

The Safetytracer equipment works throughout Europe. You do not have to pay any extra costs for this.

Are there any additional costs if I sound the alarm?

Sounding the alarm does not cost extra. Not even when you are abroad. The Safetytracer equipment works throughout Europe.

Loss and damage

What if the Safetytracer equipment is broken?

Please contact your sales representative.

Is your question not listed here?

Then please fill in the contact form on our site. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Operation and use

Is the device waterproof?

Yes, the device is splashproof. This means that the device can withstand contact with water.

How does fall detection work?

The fall detection of the SafetyTracer alarm transmitter works in combination with non-movement. This means that the alarm is not automatically triggered after a fall until the user has stopped moving for a certain period of time. If the user is still able to move during this period, he or she can raise the alarm manually. This prevents false alarms. To ensure reliability, the SafetyTracer alarm transmitter should be worn around the neck or on the hip.

What telephone networks does the equipment work on?

The Safetytracer alarm transmitter works on every mobile phone network in Europe. So you can be sure of the best range wherever you live, wherever you go. Because the equipment works via a data subscription, you can always raise the alarm, even if you can no longer make calls on your mobile phone. You only need to be in contact with one network.

The alarm app works via your smartphone and is therefore dependent on your smartphone connection.

How do I know if the battery is empty?

Two hours before the battery of the alarm transmitter is empty, the green LED light changes to a blinking blue light. In the 'Mopas portal' you can see exactly what the status of the battery is.

How long does the battery last?

With normal use (default settings), the battery life of the alarm transmitter is at least 36 hours. We recommend that you charge the equipment daily, just like your mobile phone. Please note: if you use fall detection and/or motion detection, this will have an impact on the battery life. In this case, the battery will last approximately 24 hours.

Do I need a SIM card or can I use my own SIM card?

You do not need a SIM card for the alarm transmitter. The equipment is equipped with its own SIM chip. The chip can receive signals from all over the world. At the moment, the chip is only activated for Europe. As long as the monthly subscription fee is paid, your Safetytracer equipment is connected.

*If you choose the alarm app with pusher, it will use your SIM card in your smartphone. So even then, you do not need a separate SIM card.

Do I need to install the Safetytracer equipment?

Safetytracer works simply and without installations. The manual for the device is available on the site. The manual describes the various functions of the device. To register the device and link it to the care provider(s), you need to go to the 'Kompy portal'. Here you will find manuals per category, explaining step by step what needs to be done.

Requirements: Laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone with a working internet connection.