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About us

Ivengi.com has taken the initiative to start SafetyTracer and the Mopas product line. From the broad knowledge of Ivengi.com with GPS track & trace for public transport, the visualization of large data streams and the good and user friendly display of data to the user, the ideas behind SafetyTracer arose.

On the initiative and with more than thirty years of experience in personal security, Ivengi.com has built the SafetyTracer open cloud data platform, in which alarming, locating, privacy, information and reporting are the building blocks.

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History & Method

Started at the end of 2014 with the blueprints of the platform in 2015 and 2016, the platform was developed and tested in several pilots in the industrial and healthcare market. The functionality and the changes in the care processes that this entails were carefully examined with great dedication. Almost all pilots were converted into working systems in 2017 and more than one hundred thousand alarms have now been processed.

From 1 November 2017, we will be supplying the perfect version of the SafetyTracer open cloud data platform with the corresponding Mopas products on the market.

SafetyTracer B.V. is a small organisation with the objective of bringing market parties together and providing and supporting them in offering personal safety solutions in both the care market and the other government and industry markets. The Mopas products are designed entirely in the Netherlands and are also manufactured in the Netherlands. 

The SafetyTracer solutions are sold through partners who are trained and instructed by SafetyTracer.  The entire technical responsibility for the system lies with SafetyTracer.

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